New Mexico Ornithological Society

NMOS Bulletin – Past Issues

Presented here are past NMOS Bulletin issues.  For those prior to 2005, this is thanks to the efforts of Jerry Oldenettel. These earlier issues have been scanned and are presented as PDFs for downloading.

Disclaimer: These files have been scanned with an optical character recognition program, often an erroneous process. Every effort has been made to correct any material errors due to the scanning process. Some portions of the publication have been reformatted for better web presentation. Announcements and ad copy have usually been omitted in the web presentation. We would appreciate that any errors other than formatting be reported to NMOS at this website. Any critical use of data or numbers from individual records should be checked against the original publication before use, as any errors of this sort are very difficult to catch in editing.

Issues from 2005 to the present are available as the original PDFs from publication.

Issues from 1973 – 1979

Issues from 1980 – 1989

Issues from 1990 – 1999

Issues from 2000 - 2009

Issues from 2010 -