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Most Recent Rare Bird Report

New Mexico Rare Bird Report
July 18, 2016
Compiler: Matt Baumann
Phone: 505-264-1052
E-mail address:

This is the New Mexico Rare Bird Report for July 18, 2016 sponsored by the New Mexico Ornithological Society. When phone numbers are given for private property, please call before going to ask for permission. In ranch country, do not stray off the roads. Places mentioned in the report, a checklist of N.M. birds, and more locations on uncommon and specialty species can be found in the N.M. Bird Finding Guide. You can purchase the Bird Finding Guide at A more complete, updated version of the checklist can be found at for prior records of species in New Mexico, search the online archive of the NMOS Field Notes at

For photos of rarities and directions to some birding sites, check or the New Mexico Rarities Group on Flickr at NMOS is now on Facebook, search for New Mexico Ornithological Society.

All individuals are encouraged to submit their observations to NMOS. This includes not only records of Review List species and species potentially new to the state, but also records of uncommon species, species of conservation concern, records documenting breeding, and early, late, or out-of-season/range birds. Details and photos should be sent to Sandy Williams, 1819 Meadowview Drive NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104, or (preferred) to Details will be used for NMOS Field Notes, North American Birds, and the New Mexico Bird Records Committee.

NOTE: Additional reports of unseasonal birds or county rarities can be seen on the eBird New Mexico Rare Bird Alert:
You do not need an eBird account to view this.

Birds Mentioned and Counties (NMBRC review species are in CAPITAL letters):

Common Ground-Dove (Santa Fe)
Semipalmated Sandpiper (Hidalgo)
Caspian Tern (Eddy)
Brown Pelican (Colfax)
Tricolored Heron (Chaves)
Zone-tailed Hawk (San Miguel)
Greater Pewee (Sierra)
Thick-billed Kingbird (Grant)
Cave Swallow (De Baca, Roosevelt)
CAROLINA WREN (Quay, Socorro)
Fox Sparrow (Taos)
Dickcissel (Mora, San Miguel, Union)
CHAVES County:
–Rustay reported a TRICOLORED HERON at Bitter Lake NWR May 1. It was last seen flying east over the Oxbow and continued to June 1 on a closed part of the refuge for staff conducting surveys.

COLFAX County:
–Lonnie Pilkington reported a BROWN PELICAN at Eagle Nest Lake June 13. It continued to June 25.

DE BACA County:
–Parmeter reported several CAVE SWALLOWS at a culvert under hwy 60 near Taiban May 8 continuing this species expansion in NM. Four continued to June 26.

EDDY County:
–Nieman reported a CASPIAN TERN at Brantley Lake July 18.

GRANT County:
–Griffin reported a THICK-BILLED KINGBIRD along the Gila River near the Nichols Canyon area July 6.

–Swackhammer reported a BUFF-BREASTED FLYCATCHER in the Burro Mountains May 7. It was seen along the Burro Peak Trail, approximately one mile up Dead Man’s Canyon off the Tyrone Minig Rd. It continued to June 12 in the same area.

–Core and company reported a SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPER at the Lordsburg STP July 8. It continued for others to July 14.

MORA County:
–DICKCISSELS continue at various locations around Golondrinas to July 17.

QUAY County:
–Rustay, Cuellar, and Shoop reported a CAROLINA WREN in Nara Visa May 21. It was seen along 5th St between Gonzales and King and continued to June 10.

–up to eight CAVE SWALLOWS are being reported at the Melrose Trap to May 8 and continued to June 26. This continues the species northward expansion in the state.

–Bill West and Andy Fenner reported two ZONE-TAILED HAWKS in Canyon Largo June 14.

–Jaremko-Wright reported a DICKCISSEL along the Gallinas Riverwalk in Las Vegas June 24. It was north of Bridge St.

–Up to seven DICKCISSELS have been reported along the large elm row just north of the entrance to Las Vegas NWR to June 18.

SANTA FE County:
–Roger Clark photographed a COMMON GROUND-DOVE in his Santa Fe yard June 16. It continued to June 25. Contact him for more information (

SIERRA County:
–Cleary reported a GREATER PEWEE in Poverty Creek June 2. It continued to June 18 for Parmeter. It has been seen the south side of hwy 59 where there is a sign on a gate labeled “St. Gulch Admin Site” right after the highway re-enters Sierra County from Catron County.

–Mendoza reported a CAROLINA WREN along the Seasonal Road at Bosque del Apache NWR April 2. It was head near the first 90 degree turn. Up to four continued to June 12 around the refuge.

TAOS County:
–Bryn Roberts reported a singing FOX SPARROW above treeline about 100 yards before reaching Santa Barbara ridgeline while approaching from south (Serpent Lake trail) June 25.

UNION County:
–Rustay reported up to 14 DICKCISSELS in the Grenville area June 24.

The NM Burrowing Owl Working Group is seeking reports of Burrowing Owl sightings year-round. If you observe a Burrowing Owl, will you please help by sending in the reporting form found at, or emailing your observation, with as many details and location information as possible, to Thank you very much.

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