New Mexico Ornithological Society

NMOS State Checklist

This checklist contains all the species of birds that have been verified by specimen, photograph, or audio recording in New Mexico and have been accepted as valid by the New Mexico Bird Records Committee. Nomenclature, taxonomy, sequence, and spelling follow the seventh edition of the American Ornithologists’ Union’s Check-list of North American Birds (1998) as amended through its 57th Supplement (Auk 133:544-560, 2016). Treated are all families and species of birds known to occur (or have occurred) in New Mexico in the historic (1540 to present) period. Through 14 August 2016, 544 species have been verified in New Mexico, including five established non-native species (identified as “Introduced”) and three species now extirpated (identified as “Extirpated”).

NM Checklist