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NMOS Field Notes

NMOS Field Notes is published quarterly, and provides a seasonal overview of the changing patterns of New Mexico’s birdlife, including unusual records, breeding and wintering range changes, and changes in seasonal occurrence and migration patterns.

All individuals interested in birds in New Mexico are encouraged to submit their observations to NMOS Field Notes. Especially solicited are records of uncommon species, nesting birds, and early, late, or out-of-season/range birds. Records should be submitted in taxonomic order and should include species name, date, exact location, numbers of bird(s), age, sex, and color morph (if applicable), and name and contact information (including e-mail address) of observer(s). Remember, unless field observations are properly documented and submitted for consideration, they have no way of becoming part of the ornithological record. Reporting birds to eBird or to rare bird alerts or on list-serves does not constitute submission to NMOS Field Notes.

Please provide details for unusual records. Details are usually needed for sightings of birds appearing in light-faced type in the NMOS Field Checklist of New Mexico Birds; details are required for all species on the Review List. Written details and other documentation of very rare species will be circulated to the New Mexico Bird Records Committee for evaluation. Written details may be submitted on a New Mexico Rare/Unusual Bird Report Form (available electronically on this website as a PDF or a Word document or from the Editor), although any written format is acceptable. If photographs are submitted (electronically or as slides, prints or video), please include with the photograph the name of the species in question, date the picture was taken, the exact location, and photographerb s name.

The four reporting periods correspond to the four seasons of the year, which are:

  • Winter (December 1-February 28/29)
  • Spring (March 1-May 31)
  • Summer (June 1-July 31)
  • Autumn (August 1-November 30).

Please submit reports as soon as possible after the close of a reporting period.


Editor, Sartor O. Williams III,

Assistant Editor, William H. Howe,

New Mexico Rare/Unusual Bird Report Form

PDF version

Word version

Searchable Database for NMOS Field Notes

The New Mexico Ornithological Society (NMOS) has partnered with the Natural Heritage New Mexico (NHNM) to develop a searchable database of the Society’s publications containing field note observations of the Society’s membership. Follow this link to the searchable database for NMOS Field Notes.

Archived Issues

NMOS provides scanned versions (pdfs) of past NMOS Field Notes. Thanks to Jerry Oldenettel for scanning older issues.