Dale Zimmerman Bird Prints

Dale A. Zimmerman Bird Prints for Sale!

Thanks to the tremendous generosity of artist and NMOS Life Member Dale A. Zimmerman, we have the opportunity to acquire signed, limited edition prints of Dale’s artwork depicting ten bird species representative of the diverse avifauna of New Mexico. Dale and his wife Marian have chosen ten of their favorite drawings. You can purchase these wonderful prints by sending an letter describing your order and a check via our mailing address. Individual 8 1/2″ X 11″ prints are available for $10 apiece, $25 for three, or as a pre-packaged set of five different species for $40.

Pre-packaged Set A includes: Lesser Prairie-Chicken; Painted Redstart; Gila Woodpecker; Black-throated Sparrow; and Gambel’s Quail. (click images to enlarge)


Pre-packaged Set B includes: Greater Roadrunner; Montezuma Quail; Bridled Titmouse; Pinyon Jay; and Mexican Spotted Owl. (click images to enlarge)


There will be no substitutions in the pre-packaged sets.

To place an order, please write to the following address describing what you want to order, with a check made out to “NMOS”:

New Mexico Ornithological Society
P.O. Box 3068
Albuquerque, NM 87190-3068

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