F.M. Bailey Lifetime Achievement Award

The New Mexico Ornithological Society (NMOS) recognizes those individuals who have made a significant lifetime contribution to New Mexico’s ornithological knowledge; the promotion of the value of birds, both aesthetic and economic; effective conservation of the state’s avifauna; and/or the New Mexico Ornithological Society. The F.M. Bailey Lifetime Achievement Award commemorates Florence Merriam Bailey, Ornithologist (1863-1948).

Nominations for the F.M. Bailey Lifetime Achievement Award can be submitted by any interested individual(s) and will be accepted at any time. Nominations should be submitted to the current NMOS President or Secretary using the Florence M Bailey Award Nomination form. The Florence Merriam Bailey Lifetime Achievement Awards Committee may seek additional information about the nominee from the person(s) who submitted the original nomination. The Awards Committee will review the nomination and determine by majority vote if, in their opinion, a nominee meets the above criteria. The decision of the committee is final. Upon recommendation of the Awards Committee, awards will be presented at the NMOS annual meeting.

Lifetime Achievement Awardees

Dale Allen Zimmerman

Patricia R. Snider

Mary Alice Root

John Hubbard

Barbara C. Knight

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