Research Grants

NMOS offers two research grants each year to help support research on New Mexico birds:

  • The Ryan Beaulieu Research Grant, for $1000, is presented in memory of Ryan Beaulieu. Following the wishes of Ryan’s family, this grant will support research projects that do not involve the collection of birds. For more information about Ryan Beaulieu and his bird research interests, see the Audubon magazine article, Band of Brothers, about Ryan and his friends Raymond VanBuskirk and Michael Hilchey and their Rosy-Finch project.
  • The NMOS Research Grant is also available for $1000.

Bioth grants are open to projects that meet these criteria:

  • The grant money must be spent while conducting research on birds in New Mexico;
  • The recipient must either present a paper based on the research at an annual NMOS Meeting or submit an article based on the research to the NMOS Bulletin; and
  • Preference will be given to student applicants.

A short research proposal (2 pages maximum) must be submitted describing the nature of the project and how the allocated funds are to be spent (e.g., on gas, tape recording, specific equipment, etc.). Each proposal should state clearly whether the project does or does not involve collection of birds. Each proposal should include two letters of reference, one of which should be from a graduate advisor if the applicant is a graduate student. References should comment on the applicant’s commitment to New Mexico ornithology and ability to design and carry out creative, independent research. All proposals will be evaluated together and up to two proposals will be awarded grants. The Ryan Beaulieu Research Grant will fund a project that does not involve the collection of birds; the NMOS research grant is open to all projects that meet the criteria above.

Please submit your electronic proposal, with “NMOS Grants” in the subject line, to:

Matt Baumann,

The deadline for 2023 Research Grant proposals is 1 March 2023. All applications will be acknowledged within a week of proposal receipt. If no acknowledgement is received, it is the applicant’s responsibility to follow up with their submission to ensure consideration.

Research Grant Awards

Research Grant recipients

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